At Symbols Research we know its all about people and their symbols of expression. Online, people use status messages, links, likes and comments to express their desires, needs and wants. They can post texts, emoticons, stickers, photos and videos to get their messages across. By using psychometrics and artificial intelligence we have developed effective means of finding out how people think they can achieve their goals and how you can make them see achievement of these goals through use of your products. We have gone deep into analysis of people’s needs, values and emotions to deliver simple solutions to your research, political campaign and branding needs. This page is simply put so that you can quickly understand what we offer.



Word count gives you list of the words people are using the most. By kicking out those words that are not important, you can see what really matters to different target groups. For example, fans of one brand of beer on Facebook use different words when compared to fans of other brand of beer.

You can choose group of people by any criteria including those that mention you or your competition in their status messages. This is count of words used by chosen group of people in their status messages relating to anything they mention. Based on this you can see their priorities, needs, wishes, values and emotions.

Soon you will be able to get list of Facebook pages chosen group of people like the most. Likewise, we are just few steps away from offering you insight into emotions, needs and values people express, through time, on interactive graphs.

This can be used to make marketing and advertising strategy for your brand. Insight into words can also be useful when creating new products or packaging for your current products.



We filter words people use the most to get those magic ones you can use to approach them. Just choose bunch of people by the criteria you want and you can get words related to their senses. This is when neurolinguistics comes into play. Our algorithm can give you boost when you do speeches, copy writing and branding



This is a basic measure of sentiment expressed towards you and your competition. When you publish or say anything out loud, you may be interested to see how folks are reacting to it. Also, folks may mention your brand or product category without this being a reaction to your statement. You may be interested to hear about this as well. Basically, you can see the measure of sentiment on graph through time, thanks to our advanced P/N ratio algorithm. Soon you would be able to filter status messages additionally to see reactions to particular public statements. This is useful in political campaigning, but also when some consumer brands go through crisis and they want to follow what people are saying. In addition to all this, you can get insight into the status messages in which you are mentioned for qualitative analysis.




Our N share algorithm can be useful to governments in their effort to enforce law by predicting and preventing mass protests. Our Early Warning System can detect mass dissatisfaction that may translate into an unconstitutional action.


Your fans on Facebook are of certain age, gender, education, workplace, location etc. Also, those who mention you in positive, negative or neutral way have these characteristics that we sum up for you. The same goes for people that mention your product category. This knowledge can be used to create marketing and advertising strategy. You can also follow how your consumers are changing in time from younger to older, from male to female, from less educated to more educated etc.

Combination of online static and dynamic data with unique socio-psychological algorithms (complex analysis of people’s needs, values and emotions) bring us into new era of market research. Numerous psychologists, linguists and software developers took part in creating Symbols for over five years.

Areas our software can be applicable in:

  • Academia for scientific research (our clients can be universities)
  • Branding products, services and leaders (our clients can be different industries, service providers, public figures and political parties)
  • Security including prediction of widespread protests (our clients can be governments and organizations)

Subjects of research can be

  • Brand (product, service or public figure)
  • Political leader or party
  • Anything that people can express attitude towards


  • Quantitatives include a real time popularity measure of our client’s target and targets that represent our client’s competition using the P/N ratio algorithm, which is presented on the graph. Inside Quantitatives there is our unique N share algorithm as well. It is used for prediction of potential widespread protests
  • Qualitatives are status messages in which targets are mentioned (qualitative method). They are sorted by importance and they can be processed by our client’s in-house analysts
  • Demographics about groups of people who like or dislike some subject of research, presented on charts (quantitative method used as consultancy for decision making). For example, you can see how old people from certain target groups are, how educated they are and what their gender is, etc.
  • Neurolinguistics page sums up important words that can tell you more about your target groups or see the list of words that can be used to address different groups of people in order to increase effectiveness of the address (copywriting for advertisements, catchphrases for political speeches and segments used in other aspects of marketing). This is quantitative method

You can get outputs for virtually anyone including the whole population, those that like you or your competition, ones that mention you or your competition in their status messages, ones that do it in a positive, negative or neutral way, ones that mention your product category or those that like pages related to your product category. Additionally, you can filter population based on their age, gender, education level, relationship status, residence, birthplace, workplace, etc. in order to reach your target groups.

At the moment, our software works with Facebook data (additional social networks to be added), while languages that it can quickly process are Chinese, Arabic, English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Serbian, Italian, Russian and Spanish. We need up to one month for software customization to additional languages.

We are interested in clients, partners and re-sellers. If you are our client there are two options. We can either sell you one year software license or we can run the software for you. If first option is your choice, we teach members of your staff how to use the software. Second option includes work of our dedicated analysts in running the software and sending you reports. We seek partners because we need investments into expensive servers and software development we conduct. Typical re-sellers would be advertising agencies that put use of our software into their offer for which they get agreed percentage from any sale they make.


Images used in slide show (CC BY 2.0) are slightly modified from their original versions and are authored by  Francisco Osorio, Ahmed Sinan, Tela ChheIain Watson, Thomas, and OakleyOriginals.