Additional notes

There is not nearly as efficient, fast and easily accessible medium of communication such as social networks. Thanks to that, the sudden and long term mass movements and actions can not happen without clear indication and detection in the social networks.

Through concepts N Share and N/P Ratio any change in the attitudes, feelings and mood can be observed in real-time.

SYMBOLS analysis includes the words and phrases specifically used in Internet communication, as well as the slang. At all times we engage linguists and psychologists from a client’s country to monitor the emergence of new words and phrases, as well as changes in the meanings of the existing ones[2].

[1] Our software solves the situations when the value of only one emotion is zero, ie. it prevents the value of the index in this case to be 0

[2] Naturally, the engaged professionals are told that these services are part of linguistic research and there is no possibility to violate the confidentiality.

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