What are the key indicators?

N Share is the share of the words denoting negative attitudes or emotions in the total number of words used in communication during the day, week, month, year, or some other period that the user can determine.

This indicator ranges from 0 to 100: Zero is an ideal situation when there are no negative feelings in relation to the client, in the entire communication; 100 is an ideal situation when all used words express only negative emotions.

NP Ratio is the ratio of positive and negative attitudes or emotions in the communication: if the negative outweighs the positive ones, the value of the quotient is greater than 1; if the positive outweighs the negative ones, the NP Ratio is less than 1. NP Ratio has a theoretical minimum (it is zero, the ideal situation when there is no case reported of both positive and negative emotions), but it does not have maximum[1].

Increase of this index indicates that the company / government / other entity begins to lose support and NP Ratio is the best early warning indicator. At the same time that may indicate that the given entity may face more serious challenges, which is also predictable by using SYMBOLS.

N Share and NP Ratio are calculated and reported for each individual within the groups determined by our clients. Therefore, SYMBOLS is able to allocate individuals, groups and regions who / that have a particularly high NP Ratio, and which would later be especially monitored.

Finally, increasing of NP Ratio requires to separate the part of the communication for a given period and to conduct qualitative analysis.

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