Who is it for?

Companies and other market actors, to monitor  their image among target groups, professional and other influential audiences in real time; to monitor the echo of their marketing communications;  to react in a timely manner if an activity encounters bad customer acceptance; to create their marketing strategy with regard of a deep insight into the market.

Governments of the countries that are faced with the possibility of sudden and coordinated actions of various political groups that plan unconstitutional change of power, or the countries that are faced with the possibility of terrorist attacks and other subversive activities; SYMBOLS may imply or even predict potential activities of various social groups and individuals.

Political parties and leaders to prepare their programs and activities in line with what their constituents want; to predict future trends in public opinion; to monitor the effects of the campaign or the daily performance in real-time and to correct what the citizens and the public poorly evaluated and what caused a negative reaction.

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